Rakan Khalifa
Rakan Khalifa is a fighter who never gives up when faced with adversity. His success in the business is inspiring, and everyone should take his advice to heart.
“As a 24-year-old Presidential Ambassador in the company, I would say to you that we live in a society with destination disease. Too many people want to do just enough to “arrive” at a destination, and then they want to retire. Like many people I’ve seen throughout my Network Marketing career, they are looking for a quick fix.

The truth is… you need to constantly focus on improving. Always strive to be a better version of yourself.”
Rakan leads his team by teaching them three steps that apply to both business and life:
  1. Preparation: When you’re intentional about learning your craft everyday, you become more capable of handling challenges when they arise.
  2. Contemplation: Time alone is essential for self improvement. You can’t succeed your way to success. You need to intentionally sit down and learn from your failures by reflecting.  
  3. Application: Musician Bruce Springsteen said, “A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be.” Apply what you learn! 
Raised in a Middle Eastern country, 24-year-old Rakan Khalifa, found living in Canada a challenge when he first arrived. Communicating in English, his second language, made it difficult to get his point across.
Rakan moved to Canada as a student seeking a better life. He embraced the idea that anybody who can make it to North America would have an astonishing career. But reality set in quickly, and Rakan realized that people in the Middle East and people in North America were all doing the same thing; working from nine to five to support themselves.
Rakan wanted change. He had a passion for helping others, so he started a new career in the field of fitness. But that didn’t come easy either. Many people rejected fitness and training because their financial situations couldn’t support it.
Luckily, at this time, Rakan found Kuvera and switched his focus from physical fitness to financial fitness. The first 6 months in the Network Marketing business were challenging for Rakan. He said,
“I failed miserably. So bad that I decided to go back to the Middle East to launch my business there. But as I travelled through the Middle East, many people laughed and said it wouldn’t work.”
So Rakan decided to go back to work on his business in Canada. Three months later, he made Kuvera his full-time income and within 6 months he became a six-figure earner. By the end of 2019, Rakan helped his first team member reach a six-figure income. Unfortunately, that “leader” decided to leave the company in an unprofessional way, bashing Rakan’s leadership and skills. This put Rakan back to square one.
Rakan explained,
“Seeing my income go backwards and my team lose numbers motivated me to get uncomfortable and take a chance on myself. With the help of Kuvera, my team got back to work and developed a system that is second to none. We have thousands of new team members and we are beginning our take over in the Middle East.”
Rakan’s next goal in the business is to “complete Middle East domination”. With Rakan’s work ethic and motivation, there’s no doubt he will continue to inspire his team and find great success.