Labelled as a young star in the design world, Karina Sukar is a Lebanese interior architect and designer based in Beirut. Described by industry insiders, as a force to be reckoned with, Sukar has made a name for herself through her extensive portfolio of works collaborating with the biggest names and working for upscale clientele. Slowly expanding into the international scene, her brand has been defined as the next IT label coveted by many.

Sukar started her first career endeavors by working primarily as an interior architect whose works were featured in renowned magazines. This gave her exposure as a top Lebanese talent cementing and establishing her position as a household name. Her ambition, enthusiasm and passion for her craft led her later on to venture into opening her own concept store that showcases her own self-created interior design products. Taking after her name, the gallery is located in Gemmayze, a business destination at the gates of the city center of Beirut and one of the capital most artsy neighborhood along with Mar Mikhael.

Establishing her own brand at a young age, Sukar’s pieces can be easily distinguished by being timeless, elegant and refined “Art Works” with character and panache. Between modernity’s anonymity and vintage’s individuality, Sukar’s style positions itself in between, favoring earthy tones, clean lines, minimalistic styling and detail refinement. All about functionality and sense-appealing aesthetics, the designer approaches her conceptions with fresh eyes, taking inspiration in mundane objects reinterpreted with great humor and wits; which makes her pieces the more familiar and appealing to the general public and critics alike.

Sukar’s work makes use of raw materials properties and difference in textures and patterns to create and assemble urban, unique, yet sophisticated and simple pieces that have depth, in both shape and mind. Taking deep roots in mid-century modernity movements’ philosophy and aesthetics, inspired by big figures like Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius and their respective schools of architecture, Sukar merges tastefully classic minimalistic poise with flair, innovation and dynamism. Constantly following current contemporary trends and on top of her game, Sukar takes great care into perfecting her craft, paying attention to details while taking into consideration industry constraints, environmental concerns and manufacturing processes.