What a force to be reckoned with - Aneesa Sharif. Aneesa, an award winning top model in the Pakistani industry has dominated the London and Middle Eastern scene from the Runway to beauty shoots. She is now known as the top British Pakistani Model.

What achievements in your career do you consider your best work to date?

The achievements in my career would defiantly be, becoming  a teacher. Teaching was always something that i was very passionate about and i have always wanted to work in a profession where i am able to perform a service to people. 

 Working as a lecturer made me learn so much about myself. I worked under intense pressure at the College and it really taught me skill, discipline and the confidence to maintain and understand various different types of personalities. 

When my modelling started taking off Internationally, i received exposure and applause for my work both here, in London and  Pakistan. It was a whole different world that i was thrown into with the fashion, Beauty and Glamour. Being a teacher helped and inspired me to achieve that certain discipline and etiquette to manage both jobs at the time, however the demand in my modelling resulted in me quitting my job, and jet set the world on photo shoots and travelling became my best friend. 

I saw your number of Instagram followers, what is it like having to maintain a large social media following and cope with the pressures it entails?

It comes with huge responsibility because i feel that i have to be really careful of what i post especially being Pakistani. At the same time i have to respect my culture and that is where i do draw the line when it comes to wearing certain items of clothing or it means i am being careful and considerate on what i am putting out there. Whether that is on actual Instagram feed or a Insta story when expressing my views. I am very lucky i have parents that are liberal and extremely supportive of this public life i lead, especially my mum. She has taught me to always stay true to myself. 

What does the future hold for you?

I will continue modelling Internationally and the Digital Influencing/Blogger route - creating content for various businesses, Attending social events that i get invited to, as a public figure and allowing my followers to follow my journey in the best way possible. I have a huge business venture coming up which is super exciting and the freelance makeup bookings and my clothing line is all apart of the 'Aneesa Sharif' brand. 

The future is a very exciting place. I try not to have fear of the unknown and to just keep positive and in a happy place. I wish the future to bring happiness in whatever avenue i am pursing. 

What advice would you have for youngsters?

The most crucial advice i can give to youngsters is, to not feel obliged or pressured into comparing themselves to others on Social Media. I feel that we live in a  generation now  were there is a lot of pressure about looking a certain way, being a certain way and ultimately its all just about being confident within one self and their own skin. Do whats good for your soul. 

The youngsters just really need to  work hard in whatever it is they want to do to and pursue their passion by creating a career that they really enjoy and most importantly to live in the moment at the same time.   

Tell us your journey to success ? 

Working hard the respectful way, and having perseverance. Developing the correct balance, and knowing my priorities. Those that know me personally know, i am a very homely girl and my family is and always will be my number one priority.  I am so grateful for the friendships and professional relationships i have created over the 5 years of Modelling.  Magazine covers and wining best model of the year does not define me as a person, what defines me is, how i can inspire all the young females out there who have the hunger for success. 

How can you motivate Other Pakistani girls who are reluctant but have a passion to become a model ? 

The most crucial piece of advice i can give anyone regarding this topic is to "Follow their heart" if you are serious about modelling and can overcome the cultural barriers then it is worth a try. I would like to highlight that, it may look all glamours but behind the scenes there is a lot of hard work, sacrifice and emotional strength that  is required into creating this into a full time career. If have the mind set that it is for the 'long run' then defiantly give it a go, and finally you must  create a 'thick skin' mentality. i am a living example of someone who has and still deals with negative criticism.  My motto is  to -  not let the judgement interfere with ones happiness. This is a life lesson i will forever carry with me