EMEA TRIBUNE has asked Aneesa Sharif a few questions about her background, education, lifestyle, etc. She is an international Pakistani model, born and bread in London. Previously a lecturer at a college now a full time model.

DJ: Hi Aneesa, how did you get started as a model?
Aneesa: With constant encouragement from my friends and family.

DJ: At what point did you decide to begin a career in modeling?
Aneesa: When I started to get more work I knew I had to prioritize giving this a go properly, as the demand was there.

DJ: What do you feel was your breakthrough campaign that established your name in the industry?
Aneesa: My breakthrough was constantly coming back to Pakistan during fashion weeks and working with renowned designers.

DJ: What is your dream project that you would love to work on?
Aneesa: There is no such thing as a dream. I am living it.

DJ: Modeling is undoubtedly difficult. What has been the most 
challenging part since you started?
Aneesa: Learning to understand who is fake and who is genuine.

DJ: Which designer and campaign have you enjoyed working with the most so far?
Aneesa: My whole experience in Pakistan has been challenging but pleasant.

DJ: Model features or model behavior, which is more integral to the success of a model?
Aneesa: Being a nice person!!! This gets you places!!

DJ: What is your secret to maintaining such a shapely figure?
Aneesa: Gym, eating clean and green tea.

DJ: Do you have a mentor or someone in the industry who you look up to for guidance?

Aneesa: I don’t, my guidance is my family.

DJ: Who is your inspiration in the fashion industry, both national and international?
Aneesa: National – Elan and Faraz manan designs are impeccable and international Elie Saab Haute couture.

DJ: What are your upcoming projects? Which of them are you most excited about?
Aneesa: I have an upcoming business venture. Continue blogging and focus on international projects.

DJ: You have made quite a name for yourself within a short time. Has it been overwhelming or too much to handle?
Aneesa: No I am super blessed, I have people I confide in.

DJ: Are you here to make friends in the industry? Or do you have a strictly professional approach?
Aneesa: 100% I have made amazing friendships and professional relationships

DJ: When you are not modeling, what are your hobbies and how do you spend your free time?
Aneesa: I swim, shop and socialize

DJ: Tell us something about yourself, which very few people know?
Aneesa: I am emotional even though I look like I have a hard exterior.

DJ: Will you ever consider straying into the field of acting?
Aneesa: Acting in commercials but my business will take over soon. So modelling only for now.

DJ: If you were not a model, what career would you have pursued?
Aneesa: Hmmmm that would be telling

DJ: What advice do you have for individuals looking into getting into modeling?
Aneesa: Be true to yourself, manage your expectations and know your angles.

DJ: What is your take on the current state of the fashion industry in Pakistan?
Aneesa: Absolutely booming!!!! It’s just amazing –  I am so proud to be Pakistani

DJ: Do you think more fashion shows will boost the music scene in Pakistan?
Aneesa: I think fashion shows boost what they need to. They ran the scene.

DJ: Share any funny and/or memorable incidents with the fans?
Aneesa: To pay stupid amounts of money for a picture of my feet with me in it! The weirdest stuff is coming through my DMS! I SAID NOOOOO obviously

DJ: Any message to your followers and fans?
Aneesa: Thank you for the love always

DJ: Who was the last person you got a text from?
Aneesa: hahah no comment  

DJ: Last book you read?
Aneesa: The secret

DJ: Favorite movie/s?
Aneesa: Notebook

DJ: Your all-time celebrity crush?
Aneesa: Channing Tatum

DJ: Your favorite TV series of all time?
Aneesa: How to get away with murder

DJ: Your biggest fear?
Aneesa: To not have a fear.

DJ: Biggest wish?
Aneesa: None. They all came true

DJ: You spend most of your money on?
Aneesa: Myself and I

DJ: Favorite perfume?
Aneesa: Coco chanel perfume

DJ: Early bird or Nocturnal?
Aneesa: Sleep as much as I can

DJ: Favorite pizza topping?
Aneesa: Chicken and cheese

DJ: Your favorite city in Pakistan?
Aneesa: Kashmir

DJ: Ideal breakfast menu
Aneesa: Green tea along side some fresh fruit

DJ: How can one reach out to you?
Aneesa: They can keep in touch with me via Instagram

DJ: Thank you Aneesa Sharif for giving us your precious time to our readers, I wish you all the best
Aneesa: You’re most welcome and same to you

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