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Even though she began modeling a few years ago, Iro Dimitropoulou has taken the industry by storm. The 176cm, 20-year-old  Model, Law Student and Entrepreneur from Greece, has graced the covers and runaways for international magazines and designers, most recently for Esquire Magazine. And has won Miss World Top Model 2018 in Lebanon. The very-in-demand Iro was gracious enough to talk with us about her rise in the industry, her brake up with her billionaire fiancé and changes within her industry and the next phase of her career.

What were you interested in during school before your modeling dreams took hold?

During my school years I was interested a lot in sports. I started playing tennis since 7 years old and then continued with volleyball from the age of 11 till 17. I used to play professionally for a very well known team in Greece and I also played varsity volleyball at my American high School, I was the captain. I also enjoyed Art and Theatre Arts as well. 

Did you ever have anyone try to dissuade you from entering modeling? Did those close to you want to support you but not sure how?

Yes, I’ve had some people in the past trying to dissuade me from modeling, particularly people that are not longer playing any part in my life. I believe everything happens for a reason and the ones that supported and believed in me are still here by my side, including my parents and family my number 1 supporters, they always support me in every decision that I make.

Was there a particular model you admired more so than another? Why?

Since a young age, I admire Naomi Campbell she’s very strong and doesn’t show emotion, something that I like. She lets her success talk.

How important is self-promotion in your profession?

Self-promotion is very important and you need to chose the right group of people that will work on you and for you. You need to trust them and ultimately both you and them can succeed many things together.

You started modeling many years ago before you ended a relationship that didn’t end well. Can you explain what affected you and what ultimately strengthened you?

I believe everything happens for a reason, people come into our lives to help us see that everything on earth is part of the incredibility of life. I always stay strong, positive and working for my dreams and goals. 

What was your most humorous moment during a photoshoot?

 Actually it was on set for the American documentary for Travel Channel Tv that I was the model, there was a scene in the Aegean Sea and I had to paddle board, It was very windy and the crew was far away filming me on the yacht and I was alone paddle boarding and then it started getting more windy and I went further away to some rocks and I saw them leaving, I thought they left me there I was very angry and it was a bit scary. After 5 minutes they came back now when I think about that moment I always laugh. 

I notice you smile in many of your photos. Where does that come from?

 I just feel like I have a happy heart and I’m always positive as a person, smiling is definitely one of the best beauty remedies. And Smiling can make you and others happy :) 

What does your future look like?

Me and my family healthy and happy, achieving my goals and dreams, waking up happy next to my future husband with 2 babies running around the house. 

 Who's your business manager in Beirut, Lebanon ? and what about your new social media management

 Bob Jaalouk and his team are great professionals based in one of my most favorite countries, Lebanon. 

 Something people don’t know about you?

People tend to say that I look and that I am very strong and powerful and not easily approachable. I like that, and I am, but on the inside I’m very soft and friendly but I don’t let everyone see that side of me.

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